Charlie Mitchell 'Slick' Weasel was born on November 2nd, 1947, the spoiled only child of Psycho and Avis Weasel. He's always had a disturbing fascination with daggers and razors; hence why he always has many knives, daggers and switchblades on his person at all time. His typical outfit is a black leather motorcycle jacket, cutoff jeans and hiking boots with spurs crudely attached. Slick is an obsessive smoker and likes his cigarettes imported from the Real World. He's also gay and has an obsession with power and can be extremely sadistic as well. This does not couple well with his arrogance: Slick can often threaten to have his minions dipped if they do not sing his praises exactly how he wants. Though he did not take over the Toon Patrol until 1988 or 1989, in 1987 Slick was at the height of his power and totally loving it.

Quotation: "Hey babes, we're lookin' realllll swell tonight ain't we honey?"


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